Mavis Jugadi Napaltjarri

Marvis Jugadi Napaltjarri

Mavis Jugadi Napaltjarri

Western Desert, NT,
Born around 1967 in the desert west of Kintore, Mavis Jugadai Napaltjarri comes from an artistic lineage. Her mother, the internationally recognized artist Narputa Nangala, and her father, Timmy Tjungurrayi Jugadai, fostered a creative environment. Additionally, her older sister, the exceptionally talented and internationally acclaimed artist Molly Napaltjarri Jugadai, further enriches the family's artistic legacy.

Mavis practices the traditional iconic style, showcasing bold brushwork and a strong sense of design in all her paintings. Her artistic narratives revolve around Dreamings that primarily encompass bush tucker, her ancestral land, and women's secret ceremonies. Mavis's works have gained widespread recognition, being extensively exhibited and collected by discerning art enthusiasts around the globe.

Mavis Jugadi Napaltjarri's artworks

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