Shikera Petrick Mills

Shikera Petrick Mills

Shikera (previously spelt Shakira) began painting in September 2006. Her first paintings were canvas and paint she had borrowed from her mother, Lisa Mills Pwerle (deceased).

One of our youngest artists, Shikera's face proudly sports a huge smile when she finishes a new painting. We hope she has a great future and continues to learn the traditions of her culture through painting.

Shikera paints the same subject as her mother, the Anaty (desert yam). There is an ancient Dreamtime story belonging to the Anaty which Shikera will continue to be taught as she gets older. This story belongs to her mother's country, Irrweltye. Her designs are very similar to her mother's, who was her teacher, where linear work represents the root system of the yam and dots are its seeds.

Shikera Petrick Mills's artworks

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