Meeka and Gindis (Moon and Stars)

Kim Kiosses

Artwork Year



76 x 76 cm


acrylic on canvas


This painting represents the moon and the stars and our connection with them.

Aboriginals are renowned as the world’s earliest astronomers, with a rich tradition of studying and interpreting the night sky. Celestial bodies hold immense significance, serving as guides and sources of cultural wisdom.

Across generations moon phases have been instrumental in navigation, marking calendars, predicting tide changes, and informing ceremonies deeply rooted in culture, lore, songlines and art.

Kim says, ” I love camping with family on country at night. Hearing the chorus of nocturnal creatures, the whispering winds and a crackling campfire and looking up into the vast night sky.”

Kim is a Noongar Banijima Nyiyarpali artist. Kim lives in Dunsborough here in the Southwest and has been painting for over 4 years.

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