Birak-Karla Boodja Fire Country

Megan Corby

Artwork Year



60 x 90 cm


acrylic on canvas


Inspired by the heat of the season. Megan says “Some days felt relentless, especially with the background noise of the cricket on tv and crickets outside.. As a child I sought the comfort of the fan or water. Knowing the importance of the season to our ancestors and even now. It was an opportunity to burn the land clear unwanted growth and fire hazards. It created future germination of vegetation. Meaning there was food for fauna resulting in food for our people. It was an essential routine that kept the land healthy and bountiful.

Megan is an emerging Noongar artist from Bunbury. She has been painting for 2 years. Her father is from Wagin WA and mother is from Queensland allowing her mixed culture to have influence over her works and style.

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