Aralya My Country

Damien and Yilpi Marks Jangala and Atira

Artwork Year



110 x 150 cm


acrylic on canvas


Damien & Yilpi’s artworks, resonating with the stories of their ancestral knowledge and inspired by the heritage of their Country, create a bridge between tradition and contemporary expression. Within this artwork, Damien and Yilpi employ traditional iconography and dot work to convey the narratives of their ancestral homeland in Papunya. While adhering to traditional techniques, this piece represents a fusion of Men’s and Women’s Dreamings, a departure from the conventional segregation in Aboriginal art onto a single canvas. This composition shows the locations of ceremonies, campgrounds, and water sources. Additionally, they depict prominent landmarks such as the Tali (sandhills) and mountain ranges, as well as elements like spinifex, travel routes, and native bush foods, offering a comprehensive depiction of their Country’s essence.

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