Kwobidak Boodja

Megan Corby

Artwork Year



61 x 91 cm


acrylic on canvas


Kwobidak Boodja represents the love of our country here in the South West.

Megan writes “We are fortunate to have a variety of landscapes, waterways and stunning coastlines. Each providing our community the opportunity to explore, connect, create, learn, exercise and build meaningful memories.

This piece is based on bush walks I enjoy with my family. I enjoy the different surfaces and changes in the landscape as we go on our journey. My artwork explores the colours, textures, patterns and shapes. I enjoy seeing the changes in light through the trees and the reflective glimmers from wet surfaces.

As a child I enjoyed going on bush walks with my Aunty. She would tell me stories and pass down knowledge. It was an uninterrupted experience, something that is rare for families in this day and age.

Getting amongst nature is something that brings peace and calm to you. It is free for everyone to enjoy together. We should embrace a deep love for our Boodja, that is timeless.”

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